Judo Western Australia (Inc.) - Special General Meeting 27 May 2017


Ref: Notice of a Judo WA Special General Meeting
There will be a Judo WA Special General Meeting to be held at South West Judo Academy, Unit 4, 13 Sunlight Drive, Port Kennedy at 1:15pm on 27 May 2017.

The resolution being submitted by the Board is:
The JWA Board submit the following motion for vote at a Special General Meeting:
"Accept the changes to the JWA Constitution as outlined in DRAFT JUDO WESTERN AUSTRALIA INC. CONSTITUTION DATED MAY 2017."

The current JWA constitution is out-dated and contains language that is inconsistent with modern sports governance and the Associations Incorporations Act 2015.
The proposed Draft constitution provides greater alignment with modern sport governance principles, a more defined board structure and greater clarity in the voting rights of members.

This is the section of the current constitution, which requires us to provide notice etc.:

16.1 A S.G.M. of the Association shall be held between A.G.M.ís either on the call of the B.O.M. or on the written request, to the Secretary, of three (3) financial affiliated clubs.
16.2 The Secretary shall, in consultation with the members of the B.O.M., set a date for the S.G.M. to be held. This date to be within thirty one (31) days of receival of such request.
16.3 The Secretary shall give at least ten days (10) notice, in writing, of the date of the S.G.M. Notice of the S.G.M. shall clearly set out the matters for which the meeting has been called. It shall be competent for the S.G.M. to consider any other maters that relate to or are consequential to the aforesaid matters. It shall not be competent for the S.G.M. to effect an amendment to the Constitution or by-laws that does not relate to, nor is consequential to the aforesaid matters. No other matters shall be dealt with at the S.G.M.

A copy of the new draft constitution, with the proposed amendments highlighted, has been made available to all registered Judo WA member clubs and can also be requested from the Judo WA Secretary. A copy of the current constitution can be found here.
Kind Regards


Kevin B SHAW
Email: Secretary@JudoWA.org.au