A word of welcome

Rai Davio

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Oceania Open comes back to Western Australia and the City of Perth, for the second time, from 2-4 November 2019.

After last year's successful event, this year's event will definitely reach a higher level as we enter the final straight line leading up to Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The 2019 OJU Open also takes on a special interest, indeed with no Oceania Championships anymore, the OJU Open is now the most important tournament in our region, awarding its winners like in a Grand Prix.

I wish you all a successful event in Perth and enjoy your time in Oceania.

Rehia Ra’i DAVIO

President Oceania Judo Union


The Cadet Oceania Cup & Junior Oceania Cup will be held on Saturday the 2nd of November and the Oceania Open (Seniors) on the 3rd and 4th of November 2019, followed by a 2-day international training camp.

For a detailed schedule and a copy of the event outline document, please visit the folowing links at the IJF website:

International Training Camps

OJU International Training Camps


The competition venue will be the Western Australia State Netball Centre.
The venue for the training camp will be listed closed to the date.

Western Australia State Netball Centre

Address: 200 Selby Street
Western Australia


Registered athletes and officials will be able to access the Official Event Transport bus from the Rendezvous Hotel.

The listed hotels are all within a 5 minute walk from the Rendezvous Hotel.

To book, please contact the hotels directly.

The Rendezvous Hotel

The Esplanade, Scarborough, Perth, Western Australia


Scarborough Appartments

195 Adelaide Terrace, Scarborough, Perth, Western Australia


  • Registered athletes and officials staying at Scarborough Apartments will be able to access the Official Event Transport bus from the Rendezvous Hotel.

  • Telephone: +61 (08) 9245 1038

Quest Scarborough

4 Brighton Road, Scarborough, Perth, Western Australia

Ramado VertoBlu Scarborough

48A Filburn Street,Scarborough, Perth, Western Australia

West Beach Lagoon

251 West Coast Highway, Scarborough, Perth, Western Australia


The Organiser will provide transportation (including airport transfers) for competing delegations during the competition. This transportation service is only offered on the days when the delegations are booked in the official hotel through the organisers. If the delegation misses the transport deadline the organisers are not obliged to provide transport.

Transport contact: Mrs. Emma Taylor, +61 (0) 417 074 554, PerthOpen@JudoWA.org.au.


Spectator tickets are available in limited quantities.


The Australian Government requires individuals to directly apply for visa’s.

Visa applications can be found at HERE. Most visitors will be able to apply for one of the following:

The local organiser will provide a letter of support for visa applications if required. To request a letter of support, please provide a copy of the persons passport. Visa support letters will only be provided for people who are inscribed in judobase for the event or event officials.

Visa contact: Mrs. Emma Taylor, +61 (0) 417 074 554, PerthOpen@JudoWA.org.au.

Other Events

  • LiveLighter Judo WA International Open

  • 09 – 10 November 2019

  • WA State Netball Centre
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • More information: www.JudoWA.org.au

  • International Training Camp

  • 05 – 06 November 2018

  • Perth, Western Australia
  • More information: www.JudoWA.org.au